Procyanidins (OPC), a Chinese scientific name, is a kind of bioflavonoids with special molecular structure. It is internationally recognized as the most effective natural antioxidant for scavenging free radicals in human body.
1. Free radical scavenging, antioxidant and anti-aging
Free radicals destroy the cell membrane, resulting in the deformation and rupture of the cell membrane, so that the cell can not absorb nutrition from the outside, nor excrete the metabolic waste in the cell, and lose the resistance to bacteria and viruses. After cell rupture, the spilled cell fluid and debris enter the cell space, causing external reactions such as inflammation, pain, redness and swelling. More and more cells rupture and apoptosis, leading to the decline and degradation of the function of skin, muscle, internal organs and other tissues and organs. Free radicals are one of the important factors causing human aging and many diseases. About 80% ~ 90% of aging and degenerative diseases are related to free radicals, including skin dark spot deposition, wrinkles, allergies, cataracts, cancer, heart disease and so on. Daily supplement of grape polyphenols can effectively remove excess free radicals and provide 24-hour protection for various human cells.
2. Fade spots and whiten skin
From the physical aspect: with the growth of age and the pollution of the environment, the human body produces a large number of free radicals, resulting in metabolic disorder and excessive lipofuscin production in the body. Its decomposition pathway is blocked, and a large amount of lipofuscin is deposited in heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, brain and vascular cells, forming lipofuscin spots, damaging organs and declining functions; Lipofuscin is deposited in skin cells (especially the skin of face and hand), forming skin spots, chloasma, butterfly spots and senile spots, which seriously affect the appearance of patients and cause great mental pain to patients. Grape polyphenol proanthocyanidins is known as the ‘most powerful free radical scavenger’. It can decompose lipofuscin, protect various organs and dilute color spots from the body. In addition, unlike ordinary antioxidants, procyanidins can cross the blood-brain barrier and protect the brain and blood vessels from free radicals.
From the surface of the skin: dirty air, strong ultraviolet and computer radiation, cosmetics (spices, preservatives, pigments) and other factors are the root causes of the generation of exogenous free radicals, which also makes the outside of skin cells suffer more attacks. In the process of free radical attack and destruction of cells, a large number of cells die and metabolic disorders, and the impurities in cells cannot be metabolized, resulting in pigment deposition, The number of new cells is greatly reduced (new cells are an important factor in maintaining skin vitality). Grape proanthocyanidins can not only effectively remove free radicals in human body, but also promote skin metabolism, isolate environmental pollution and cosmetic damage, decompose melanin and achieve the effect of whitening skin. Procyanidin OPC is a natural sun covering agent, which can prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin. Sunlight and ultraviolet rays can kill 50% of human skin cells, but if you take grape polyphenols for protection, about 85% of skin cells can survive death and effectively ‘protect against sun’.
3. Maintain skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles
The dermis of the skin belongs to connective tissue. The collagen and hard elastin contained in it play an important role in the whole structure of the skin. Grape polyphenol proanthocyanidins play a dual role in the skin: on the one hand, it can promote the formation of appropriate cross-linking of collagen; On the other hand, as an effective free radical scavenger, it can prevent the “over crosslinking” of the skin, prevent the appearance of skin wrinkles and scars, and keep the skin delicate and smooth. Grape polyphenol proanthocyanidins can also prevent the production of hard elastase, inhibit its activity, and prevent free radicals or hard elastase from degrading hard protein, so as to internally improve the health of skin, reduce skin diseases and wrinkles, and even eliminate scars.
4. PMS (premenstrual syndrome)
Every woman will not be unfamiliar with PMS (premenstrual syndrome). The general symptoms of PMS are: pain, breast swelling, uneven abdomen, facial edema, uncertain pelvic pain, weight gain, leg dysfunction, emotional instability, excitement, irritability, depression and neurological headache. These symptoms stem from the normal physiological response of the body to the level of estrogen and progesterone in the body

Post time: Apr-27-2022