1200bags/min Stevia powder/sweetener sachet/ethylene ripener high speed packing machine

Application:Sugar/Coffee/Coco/Salt/Seed/Silica gel/Seasoning powder/Spice powder/Candy powder/Popping candy/
Sweetener granulare sachet/Vitamin/Dissolved medicines solid/Instant herbal medicines/Oxygen absorber/
Deoxidizer/Oxygen scavenger/Tea powder/Juice powder/Preservative/Banana ripening ethylene/Medicine powder
/Antibak powder/Fine powder/Pesticide powder/ Sodium silicate ……etc.

This product has been applied for a national invention patent since 2012,any counterfeiting is prohibited.
Invention patent NO.:ZL201210421234.4 ZL201220560163.1 ZL201320658757.0 ZL201320125852.4 ZL201320125835.0
We as a famous manufacturer can design and produce the packing machine according to the special requirements from customers.

▲Packing Speed:400-1200bags/min,
▲suitable for 3 and 4 side sealing,granule and powder,oil
(such as silica gel,medical powder,coffee powder,seasoning,sugar,tea bag etc.)
▲Bag size:W:30-100mm,L:35-150mm Packaging capacity:0.5-50ml/g
▲General packaging materials can be used.
▲No leakage advanced design
▲High accuracy,High speed, Stable performance

▲Main Function
①Automatic film receiving and feeding.
②It can pack multi-bag into a row.
③Counting and sorting automatically.
④inferior product checked automatically.
⑤Hommization intelligent high-speed control system.

▲Upgrade machine type:
①inner and outside sachet automatic packing machine ;
②bag into bag automatic production line;
③packaging and boxing automatic production line.

▲This machine by one operator.
▲ISO9001 and CE certification
▲Delivery time:2~3mouths
We have various models depends on your product details and your quirements.

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Post time: Jun-26-2017