1980s Commercials November 22, 1987 11/22/87 KGET TV-17 Bakersfield, CA part 03

Original air date: November 22, 1987
Network: NBC
Channel: KGET TV-17
City, State: Bakersfield, CA

These commercials aired during the Network Television Premiere of “The Empire Strikes Back”. My hometown of Bakersfield!

1. This was a trailer for Planes, Trains and Automobiles; however, YouTube blocked the audio because the trailer used a song that has a copyright claim so i edited the trailer out
2. Coors Light
3. Cadillac
4. Campbell’s Home Cookin soup
5. NBC Sunday Night at The Movies Will Return
6. Walt Disney World Celebrity Circus promo
7. KGET 17 Newsminute (Vic Salazar)
8. Ortho
9. Subaru Justy
10. Pepsi (Tina Turner & David Bowie)
11. KGET 17 Newscenter (Sean Boyd) weather bumper
12. NBC Sunday Night At The Movies continues
13. Audi 90
14. Braun
15. Neo-Synephrine (John Madden)
16. Riunite
17. Opti-Zyme
18. The Karate Kid promo
19. Crime Story promo
20. Police Academy promo

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