Ask An Herbalist With @She_is_of_the_woods Episode 3

Today I jabber on about:

Using Elderberries // Are all rose hips safe? // How to infuse herbal oils safely // Hemorrhoids // IBS // Fibroids // Ovarian cysts // Dry cough in kids at night // lack of sensitivity in nipples // chronically swollen adenoids // Endometriosis // Fertility after 40 // Weight gain due to pharmaceutical damage and more!

Nettle // Red clover // Comfrey // Mallow root // Raspberry leaf // Plantain // Chickweed // Dandelion root // Slippery elm and so much more!

Links discussed:
wildwoodapothecary .org (To submit a question of your own)

mountainroseherbs .com (For bulk herbs) (books discused) (I show you how to make herbal infusions)

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Post time: Feb-16-2017