Best Skin Moisturizer With doTERRA HD Clear Face Lotion

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Did you know?
This natural face lotion helps to remove skin blemishes while providing long lasting moisture to your skin.

The main use of the doTERRA HD Clear Lotion is topically on your face or neck.

The main benefits of HD Clear lotion includes:
- Hydrates skin
- Promotes clear complexion
- Reduces breakouts
- Soothes redness

How to use the HD Clear lotion:
- Apply a dime sized amount after using the foaming face wash. Massage in an upward circular motion until absorbed.

Note: Use morning and night with the HD Clear Foaming Face Wash for best results.

In Summary:
The doTERRA HD Clear face lotion contains melaleuca, eucalyptus, geranium, Ho Wood, litsea, vitamin B3, amino acids, black cumin oil, chaulmoogra oil, magnolia, manuka, and white willow bark extract to take your skin to the next level. This lotion goes great with the HD Clear foaming face wash and HD Clear oil blend roll on as well.

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Post time: Feb-12-2017