Beta Glucan – What is Beta Glucan? : Beta Glucan – What is Beta Glucan?

Beta glucan is a large molecule, known as polysaccharide, made up of smaller suagr molecules linked together. Since the 1960s, the body of beta glucan research has been growing with more and more emphasis on specific conditions and illnesses.
Not all beta glucans are created equal. Beta glucan from different sources have different health benefits. There are many kinds of beta glucans, such as oat beta glucan, barkey beta glucan, mushroom beta glucan, black yeast beta glucan, baker’s yeast beta glucan, etc.
Yeast beta glucan such as black yeast beta glucan is known to have the widest spectrum of health benefits, including as dietary fibre, heart health, and immune system modulator.

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Post time: Jun-26-2017