Busted: 5 Common Myths About Sex Enhancement Pills

From www.IMPRESS1600.com. There’s nothing more complicated than the human body. Everyone wants male performance enhancement but the claims are often a little too good to be true. Today we will cover the five common myths about sex enhancement pills. For the sake of this conversation understand that we are talking about herbal sex pills and not pharmaceutical or synthetic “male enhancement drugs” like Viagra.

Starting with the number five myth- the age-old quest for size. A lot of Guys think if they were just “a little bit bigger down there” they could better satisfy sex partners and are hoping male enhancement products are their answer. Busted FIRST are “male enlargement pills” – The most effective male enhancement pills that work cause more blood flow to the penis, resulting in a firmer or more swollen erection while in effect, but understand- none of these are going to permanently “add inches” to your length. The experts all agree- your focus should be on “performing well with what you’ve got,” so select your sex pills accordingly.

The number four myth about sex enhancement pills is that some can increase the amount of semen- The truth is, none of these pills will make you cum bigger loads. Semen volumizers are a very popular category of male enhancement products, but our analysis of the ingredients has shown that the most popular brands, at best, contain ingredients to reduce inflammation of the prostate, but they do not provide anything that has been scientifically verified to increase size of your load. Stay hydrated, maintain a healthy diet and try to abstain from masturbation for a few days if you really want to see any measurable increase.

The number three myth is about herbal pills to stop premature ejaculation. There hasn’t been any scientific validation for any of the herbal ingredients used in sex pills…

Post time: Jun-27-2017