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Powerful Antioxidant, How it Functions for
To conclude, usage of F21, PEARL and KONLI herbal tea for wellness physical fitness must be motivated because of their various synergistic results.
F21 is an All Natural Sugar Blocker that helps limit your blood sugar absorption. It consists of different compounds found to have various health benefits, such as L-Arabinose, Coriolus Versicolor Polysacchride, Konjac-Mannan, Magnesium Stearate, Mint flavor: Menthol and Natural Colors. F21 not only does it help promote weight loss, (PSK) boosts your immune system response. In fact, for every gram of F21, you can block up to 20 grams of sugar (sucrose). The formula not only helps promote weight loss, it benefits the digestive system by allowing the blocked sucrose to support beneficial probiotic bacteria while the polysaccharide (PSK) boosts your immune system response.

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