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Multani & Turmeric Face Mask

This is a facemask recipe which I regularly make using a substance called Multani or Fullers Earth clay.
It is absolutely amazing! And so versatile. You can use this as a base of so many face packs, body packs and even hair masks! I know who would have thought. Its used to treat acne to give a fair complexion and remove blemishes and mainly removes excess oils and impurities.
You can pick this up from most Indian grocery stores or just order online. One pack will last you a long time and it’s so cheap!
So first what is Multani?
Firstly to the western world its known as Fullers Earth and is composed of mainly bentonite which is the basis of the clay. Its rich in magnesium chloride, zinc, calcium and many other minerals.
These all help absorb the excess oil, balance the skins pH, get rid of dead skin cells and impurities and increases blood circulation, to really give you glowing healthy skin.

So here’s my top facemask recipe, I use this one mainly as it incorporates all the benefits of turmeric and honey with the multani.
For this I’m using..
Multani mitti – which gets rid of all the impurities and excess oils.
Fresh lemon/juice – which is a natural astringent and brightener
One stalk of aloe vera – which is rich in vitamins and acts as a cooling agent
Honey – which is a brilliant antibacterial
Turmeric – which really gives you an even and glowing skintone

So first I’ve added a pinch of turmeric along with a spoonful of multani powder, a squirt of honey, aloe vera and lemon juice according to how thick you want the paste to be.
To extract the gel and juice of the aloe vera just slice it in half and scoop out the goodness.
Mix it into a nice smooth consistency and I’ve just used a soft fan brush to apply it to my face some people use a foundation brush or square shaped flat brush. I just find the fan shaped gives a even less streaky spread.

I cut a circular cotton pad into two halves and cut a small semi circle underneath (look in the video). And placed in cold water and placed it under my eyes. What this does is keeps the area under the eyes moist, I don’t want this part to dry hard as the skin under your eyes tend to be very sensitive, and excessive rubbing/agitation may irritate the area.
And as its cold it helps reduce the dark puffiness and under eye bags.

Once the mask is dry wash it off in circular motions with warm water this opens up the pores allowing the mask to really lift all the dirt and excess oils out of the skin cells and pores. Once it’s all clean splash your face with cold water. This closes your pores, preventing any dirt to get in and also increases blood circulation making your skin gleam.
Pat dry with a towel. And feel the difference. Don’t forget to moisturize and apply your night/day cream afterwards! Its vital to keep your skin hydrated and use a SPF based one if you plan to go outside during the day.

I wouldn’t advise you to do this more than twice a week and if you have very dry or sensitive skin substitute the lemon juice for either almond, olive or coconut oil.
If you find turmeric too harsh for your skin tone (oompa loompa-esque) simply reduce the amount you put in or leave it out.
You can even just make a paste with simple rose water or plain water and mix it with the multani for a quick get rid of oily skin fix and if your really running late just apply the paste and use it like a face wash, you don’t have to leave in and wait for it to dry, just wash it off in circular motions.

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