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Any sexually active man in today’s world would cherish a sizeable penis. This is why there is a wide variety of diverse products and methods in the market claiming to enhance and increase the size of a man’s penis. The variety ranges from penis extenders, enlargement pills, as well as penis enlargement patch. These all claim to have nearly 100% positive outcome – giving greater length and bigger girth/width of the penis. There are surgical claims too, where interested persons are charged up to US$5,000 for a single penis enlargement operation. Though the surgical penis enlargement option is not considered a very wise choice, as the surgery is permanent and not a reversible operation.

Research has shown that where surgical penis enlargement operation has taken place with less than 100% success, the impact of the surgery has left the victims in permanent state of sexual inactivity for life. In fact, some have lost their lives in more serious cases. Should penis enlargement surgery be an option you might wish to consider, it is best to investigate the surgery and understand the possible consequences

Physical exercises used in the natural methods of achieving bigger pennies sizes have proved to be the safest option. This option is often marketed through digital products (audio visuals) like websites and DVDs. The instructions on the audio-visuals are very easy to follow as you can see a working example to copy from. Since this is a natural way, chances of any accident occurring are very minimal.

The enlargement resulting from natural penis option can only go as far as your skin, body tissues, and muscle can allow it to safely expand.

Whether your preference is a longer penis or a larger width/girth would determine the choice of exercises to follow. Specific exercises have been carefully designed to meet different user expectations – whether increase in length or girth. It must be stated however, that penis sizes are not the only factors determining sexual fulfilment and enjoyment in bed.

With increasing technological innovations and advancements are a more comfortable life. Sexual fulfilment must not be left out. Scientific research has shown that men with smaller penises probably have parents and grandparents who similarly had small penises as well. Fortunately, penis size does not really prevent any man from having children. As a matter of fact, penis size was never a problem. Penis size has become more openly discussed now because according to analysts, women in the modern society now tend to compare the size of the penis of their partners.

In the past, it was a shameful act for a woman to sleep with more than one man – hence the size of the only man (in her life)’s penis was not subject to any discussion or debate.

Modern civilization and attendant openness in discussion with women and freedom of sexual relationships now enable women to have choices in sexual partnerships based on penis size along with other variables. Consequently, no man wants to have the smallest penis. While some men still rightly believe that the size of the penis is not as important as performance during sex, others still prefer to have their penis size enhanced. They tend to look down on the downside of the health risks, hoping that it might not be a problem.

Surgical intervention or penis enlargement surgery should be the last option if ever contemplated. Natural penis enlargement by proven exercises is highly recommended. It is proven, safe, and cheap to follow.

Whichever option you might wish to consider, it is best to discuss the option with your GP or other health professional that should carry out a complete physical examination on you to determine its suitability. This is in view of the intensity of the exercises and the possible implications on your body. It is most suitable to ensure that the exercises are regulated so that the body can easily and gradually adjust with increasing intensity.

It is equally important to take into account the person-specific elasticity of your skin. Natural, exercise-based penis enlargement is meant to stretch the skin and the penis tissue. Even though anyone may aim to take the risk of having a bigger penis, it must be appreciated that your penis is still very much a part of your body. The penis enlargement process is bound to affect everything about you.

Post time: Jun-17-2017
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