Female hormonal herbal foods

Speaking on female hormones and some herbs that traditionally been used to nourish hormones and glands. When hormones and glands are balanced the body is good:
Saw Palmetto berry, sarsaparilla root, red raspberry leaf, licorice root, Maca, nettle leaf, dandelion leaf and root, Red clover, Ginger, wild yam root, horsetail herb and many more. Do your own research about hormones, glands and human body in general. Listen to Mother Nature and your heart. Nature do heal and nourishes. These are based on ancient knowledge, science and wisdom. Ase
Juicing with: Cucumber, Celery, lime/lemon (seeded preferably), parsley, ginger root or some cayenne pepper, apple (for sweetness) optional.
You can blend these and use cotton or cheese cloth to filter it. Enjoy

Post time: Jul-07-2017
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