Fighting Cancer Metastasis & Heavy Metal Toxicities with Modified Citrus Pectin- Isaac Eliaz

“Fighting Cancer Metastasis & Heavy Metal Toxicities with Modified Citrus Pectin” – a presentation by Dr. Isaac Eliaz at Silicon Valley Heath Institute/ Smart Life Forum on November 20, 2014

Despite billions of research dollars spent every year, cancer remains the second leading killer of Americans. One reason cancer is so lethal is its tendency to metastasize to essential organs throughout the body.
Certain malignancies (like brain tumors) kill by infiltrating into healthy tissues, but the vast majority of cancer deaths occur when tumor cells enter the blood and lymphatic systems and travel to the liver, lungs, bones, and other distant parts of the body.
Unfortunately, there have been few effective approaches to preventing cancer metastasis. The encouraging news is that a specialized fruit polysaccharide called modified citrus pectin has demonstrated unique properties in blocking cancer cell aggregation, adhesion, and metastasis.1
Clinical research shows that modified citrus pectin helps limit disease progression in men with advanced prostate cancer.2 In addition to its cancer-inhibiting effects, modified citrus pectin shows promise in chelating toxic heavy metals that can be so damaging to overall health.3

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