Food and Nutrition Science ( Segi University) – Da Protein RaP !!!

Song Lyrics:
Protein moving, ATP using,
Got vesicles cruising, like baggage
Look like a gelatin, Cytoskeleton
Carrying a relevant package.
Walking those feet, talking steps to the beat
Protein too cool to imagine.
Motors walking it, vesicles docking it,
Protein blocking it, chopping it
There are movers and storers and defenders, transporters
Communicator and motors plus receptors for orders
Whether drinking or thinking or running or grabbing
Protein is too good, so we love them.

I am in love with the Protein
You can get it from fish egg beans. X2
From banana get it from banana X4

Your cells are full of macromolecules, like fatty acids, polysaccharides .you can not see them, they are inside you. But things called proteins help you all the time.
Protein X4


Protein we see, Protein we feel
Protein we eat, Protein we drink
Protein in meat, Protein in milk
Protein in rice, Protein in pulse
So lets be like a parrot
and eat a lot of carrot X2


Post time: Aug-09-2017