Green Tea: Green Tea Extracts Types and Drawbacks

Green Tea Extracts

Green Tea Extract Reviews: The Types and Drawbacks

Green tea has been prepared and manufactured in several other forms aside from the regular whole or crushed tea leaves for drinking. Companies try to maximize income by creating different methods and preparations. Green tea is now available in powders, pills, capsules, liquid forms and extracts. Green tea extracts reviews have to be read thoroughly by consumers to makes sure that these contain the elements for health and fitness.

About Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract reviews will initially discuss the nature and composition of the product. It is described as a product of green tea leaves from the plant Camellia sinensis which is processed and packaged for consumption. It is widely popular among people who wish to lose weight, fight infection and improve overall health. The extract has a major ingredient called GTC or green tea catechins which is highly known for its antioxidative effects, getting rid of free radicals and toxic wastes inside the body. There are four components of catechines, namely EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate, EGC or epigallocatechin, EC or epicatechin and ECG or epicatechin gallate. The extract also has flavonoids which are useful in helping a variety of systems and processes inside the body. There are three components to these namely myricetin, kaempferol and guercetin. Individuals who have sensitivity issues to caffeine can take green tea extract without caffeine or decaffeinated versions.

The Four Kinds

Green tea extract reviews will reveal four general kinds – strong infusions, soft infusions, dry extracts and partially purified extracts. Strong infusions come from green tea leaves that have been soaked in alcohol. It is usually the type preferred by most consumers because it provides the highest quantities of catechins after the traditional way of drinking tea. It has a brown color and bitter taste. The soft infusions come from strong infusions that have been concentrated more. It is the common kind used in tea bags. Dry extracts come from strong infusions that have been dehydrated and then made into pills, capsules and powders. Partially purified extracts comes from manufacturing plants that remove the extract from the tea leaves.

Buying the Products

Green tea extract reviews are available online. There are also plenty of places on the internet where people can purchase the actual products in different forms like pills, tablets, capsules, solutions, liquids and powders. People have to look for a number of things when browsing between products. The package should have a polyphenol percentage of about 90% to 95%. It’s also important to look for products with a lot of catechins, antioxidants and the essential nutrients. Be wary of items that seem to be too diluted or are mixed with other herbs and ingredients. Doctors should be informed before consuming these because they are no longer all-natural and organic and much of the nutrients taken from natural tea leaves may no longer be present. A bottle of green tea capsules can contain about 30 to 100 pills and cost $20 to $45. Compare the available products online and know more about the source and manufacturing company.

Top Brands

Some of the top brands of green tea extracts include Pro Health, Life Extension and Prima Force. There are several other brands coming from other countries. Ordering and payments can be done online. Shipping is usually charged to the customer and the product usually arrives in 3 to 10 working days depending on the location. Online buyers should be cautious and only avail from legitimate sources.

Compared to Whole Tea Leaves

Green tea extract reviews might present a few effective and affordable brands that will boost health, prevent disease and improve performance. However, people should be informed that the natural whole tea leaves and consuming tea the traditional way by eating or drinking is still preferred by many experts and enthusiasts because it renders the highest quantities of catechins, polyphenols and flavonoids. Green tea extracts are processed and contain additives which reduce the overall healthiness of the product. Individuals will be forced to take more of the pills, capsules and tablets just to get the recommended amounts. Because of the processing and additives, consumers can also develop side effects and other symptoms. Traditional tea drinking offers very minimal or almost zero side effects.

Post time: Feb-13-2017