Helping With Prostate Issues

Prostate and Anti-Aromatising

Ingredients needed include:
- Rosemary – known benefits: anti-inflammatory, anti-estrogenic, antioxidant, and liver support
- Grapeseed Powder – known benefits: antiestrogenic, and antioxidant
- Ginger Powder and Extract – known benefits: anti-inflammatory, heart ATP, and testosterone support
- Aspirin – known benefits: anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer (prostate as well as others)
- Cayenne Pepper – known benefits: anti-inflammatory, and anti-prostate cancer
- Nettle Root – known benefits: DHT blocker, anti-estrogen, and testosterone producer
- Black Pepper – acts as delivery to the system due to the peperine
- Hawthorne Leaf – known benefits: heart ATP, and anti-estrogenic
- Siberian Ginseng – eleutherococcus compounds binds to estrogen receptors with no apparent effect in cell cultures
- BHT – known benefits: anti-estrogenic, anti-oxidant, and testosterone support
- Oil – whether Olive, Sesame Seed, Pumpkin Seed (any will do)

- Take 3 oz of oil (of choice) and add to a glass container
- Take 1 gram aspirin (1/4tsp) and 5 grams (1tsp) of rosemary, siberian ginseng, hawthorn leaf, nettle root, ginger powder, grapeseed, cayenne pepper, and 1 gram (1/4 tsp) black pepper and put into glass jar with the oil
- then place into a pot of water and allow this to boil for about 15 minutes
- when done, take contents and put into a blender and then blend for another 5-8 minutes
- strain and add to a glass jar
- add 2 grams (almost half a tsp) of BHT and mix

Use 1/4 tsp several times daily to lower Prostate inflammation, increase Testosterone, and minimize aromatizing to Estrogen

You can also use the herbals as an extract in alcohol as well to do the same thing to fuse this in the oil as a carrier and apply this either in blending or the fusing in the oils through the boiling method

Post time: Aug-09-2017