Herbal Prebiotics and Digestive Restoration

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In this video, Sajah describes how a simple triplet formula of Dandelion root, Burdock root, and Chicory root provides a potent natural form of prebiotics. With so much focus on gut restoration these days, a lot of people tend to think only in terms of probiotics to restore the integrity of the digestive system. But what about what keeps the bacterial ecology already there healthy and thriving?

Prebiotics are simple polysaccharides which are food for the probiotic bacteria dwelling within the microbiome of the digestive system. Taking a strong decoction of these 3 herbs provides not only a good dose of prebiotics in the form of inulin, but also benefits the liver, gall bladder, blood, lymph, kidneys and overall detoxification processes of the body as these herbs are all trusty alteratives.

To make it a little more palatable, and to balance the energetics and constitutional effects of the formula, we like to add a touch of Ginger too and Licorice root as well, to warm it up and make it a bit more moistening.

Post time: Jun-26-2017