HILARIOUS: How To Solve All Your Sexual Problems In Nigeria

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Before the white man medicine came into existence, herbs, tree roots and leaves were some of the things used as medicine to cure sickness. It is popularly known as ‘Agbo’ (herbal medicine) in Nigeria.

BattaBox presenter Timothy interviews this interesting Herbal Medicine (Agbo) seller, who sells different types of Agbo and jedi jedi medicine to solve all sorts of sexual problems, back aches and many other ailments.

“Sex is more important than food for women,” she continues

Most of the herbs have been given funny names with deep Yoruba meanings like – Mawoboniran , Sobonton, Ponkriyon, Tiroboye etc

“Any man who uses ‘Sobonton’ , his manhood would be active,” says the Agbo seller

What particularly makes her unique is her style of marketing and how she sells and explains her products in a funny manner. Although she couldn’t speak English but her Yoruba spoke volumes.

“The penis is a car wash to the vagina,” she explains in Yoruba

A lot of people today still do not believe in western medicine but would take Agbo instead in case of any ailment.

“All her herbs are working perfectly,” says one transporter who drinks the agbo regularly

Watch and enjoy!!!



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Post time: Jun-17-2017
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