How to Boost Sexual Energy And Your Physical Energy with Susan Bratton

How does sexual energy relate to your energy levels? I have an out of the ordinary talk with the remarkable sexpert Susan Bratton who is a trusted hot sex advisor to millions of people all over the world. She’s sort of like the Dear Abby of sex. Her knowledge is extensive, and I promise you that you will be blown away with her take on energy sex and how you can use this to improve your love life and your energy levels.

This is not something we’ve delved into before, and I think you’re going to love what we have in store for you today.

We are going to get into the six essentials of energy sex. I think as you get into this you’ll see the relevance of all these concepts that we’re going to talk about to fatigue and to energy enhancement more broadly, outside of sex, but this is a really key piece of the puzzle when it comes to your overall energy levels.

This is outside of my typical conversations that I have, which generally involve geeking out on science. Nutrition and lifestyle and circadian rhythm and all that kind of stuff.

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In this podcast we will cover:

What energy sex is.
The 6 essentials of energy sex
How porn and masturbation influence your sex life
How you can use sexual healing to overcome past trauma
What ejaculatory control is and how that can impact your energy levels
Warning this podcast will cover some topics that are considered taboo. If you are sensitive to these topics I would advise you not to listen to this podcast.
How to boost your sexual energy show notes

What Energy Sex is (2:28)
What the different terms for sexual energy are (5:57)
How sexual energy can be measured with science (8:45)
Where sexual energy comes from (11:36)
The right way for women to get an orgasm (12:30)
How body shame and sexual shame shapes our relationship with sex (13:51)
What sexual meditation is and why men are quick ejaculators (14:49)
What the expanded orgasm practice is (17:20)
What the G-spot and the P-spot are (22:46)
How men can break their penises and how they can increase length firmness and ability to get and stay hard. (26:58)
Susan’s take on masturbation (27:27)
How masturbation to pornography affects sexual energy (27:51)
Why vibration can be a turn on (28:30)
Why the notion that ejaculation considered the only right way of having an orgasm and why it should not be. (30:15)
Why masturbation to pornography can be unhealthy (37:48)
How often you should ejaculate to stay healthy and have high energy levels (40:25)
How love making really is (42:40)
How women can feel when their partner doesn’t ejaculate (45:05)
How you can channel your sexual energy (47:15)
The true act of love making and how it impacts your sexual energy (48:44)
The act of role play and how people often ruin the sexual energy by acting like porn stars (51:03)
The beauty of sexual connection in love making (52:00)
How women can pick up on a man’s attraction to her through subtle facial expressions (53:14)
How lack of information about sexuality influences the sex life (57:03)
Some amazing gifts from Susan to you (59:40)

Post time: Aug-03-2017