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If your take bee pollen to combat allergies or if you even think you may have allergies, please read our warning below. Fresh bee pollen [ the key word is fresh ] is associated with benefits to energy, stamina and maybe weight loss. National well known ball clubs have taken our bee pollen. World renowned zoos have use our bee pollen. Renowned race horse owners tell us bee pollen speeds oxygen to the outer extremities.
The most important questions you should be asking are.
1. Is it fresh. I doubt anyone selling bee pollen will tell you their pollen is not fresh. Most bee pollen sold on the market is dead as dirt. Most sellers buy all their products from a supplier and that supplier bought it from a broker and so on. That pollen has probably been through a few brokers and warehouses before it ended up with the final seller. If you get bee pollen from another bee keeper, it may be just as fresh as ours

2. Where did the pollen come from. If you can get someone on the phone who is selling pollen, most of them probably don’t really know the origin. You read above where they buy their pollen. We are in MS, that’s Mississippi. Many people ask us if we’re in MO or MI. In Mississippi, most of us say Missipi

3. A lot of people ask, is your pollen dried? Is your pollen hard. We do not dry our pollen. When you bit down on a granule of our pollen, it will mash. It will not feel like a granule of sand or a stone. The reason large pollen packing companies (brokers ) heat their pollen is to take the moisture out of the pollen to preserve it. Maybe the largest pollen packing handling company in the US located in a state with almost zero humidity is so their pollen would not be subject to humidity in the air while their handling it.

4 .Even if you have been familiar with bee pollen for years, most likely every person you have talk to that sells pollen has not told you this. If you bit down on a pollen granule and it is hard as a rock, it may not be pollen at all. How could this be as you just took it out of the pollen you bought. This is the 1st time you have ever heard this. There are granules of propolis in pollen because bees carry propolis back to their hive the same way they do pollen. Surprise. See our latest video on propolis.

…………………..WARNING: Important Warning:

If you think you have allergies, you must start off taking fresh bee pollen in a very very small amount and build up very, very slowly. Over months, you body will start building up immunities to these pollens. When I say small amount, I mean exactly that. Natural pollen granules are about the size of a BB or smaller. Each granule is like a finger print, each one is shaped differently. Most people take fresh bee pollen for energy & nutrition but if you’re taking it to correct your allergies, start off with just one granule per day for several days and then two per day for several days and so on. Take the pollen granule in the AM so you can observe your body during the day to see if you’re going to have a negative reaction. To correct allergies, you only have to take a very few or just one per day.. Do NOT, Do Not think more is better. In this case it is not. When you start taking two per day, pick out two different colors. The following statement is true world wide; Multi-colored pollen is more nutritious than single colored pollen. By the way, single colored pollen came from a farm crop and you know what they do to farm crops. If you ever see someone selling pollen powder and he makes up a reason it is powdered, he is covering up the fact that it is a single colored pollen collected from a farm crop. Queen’s Delight has bee pollen, Royal Jelly & Propolis in it.

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Awesome natural food known as bee pollen. It has a wide range of health benefits including increases the libido, helps with skin problems, increases energy, and for general overall optimum health. Bee pollen is loaded with protein. One teaspoon is reported to have all the minerals, vitamins, amino acids, hormones and enzymes your body needs for one day. The only thing bee pollen does not have in it is iron. It is reported that 1% of the people is allergic to bee pollen so everyone and especially people who have allergies should start off w

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