How to make Chili Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

We show you an easy way to cook & roast your pumpkin seeds and add a little heat with chilli powder. Super healthy snack.
This makes a great Halloween or Thanksgiving snack.
We wash the seeds, then boil in a salty water for 10mins to cook the seeds.
Dry out and place onto a baking tray and drizzle a little vegetable or sunflower oil over and add a little chilli powder.
You can also use a BBQ rub or other spice mix in this case we use one called The General from Angus & Oink, in the ingredients it has chilli and smoked paprika which will give us the heat and flavour.
Place in oven heated to 200c/400f for approx 20mins or until you can see they have gone a lovely golden brown.
Take out of oven once done and leave to cool.
Now place into a jar or similar vessel and try one.
If you need to up the heat add chilli powder to taste.

The General seasoning & rub available from:
Angus & Oink

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