How to Make Dairy-Free Pumpkin Seed Latte | Diana Stobo

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There are so many problems with diet plans today, and the biggest reason they don’t work is because they are hyper-focused on Weight LOSS. It’s easier than you think to lose weight. I mean anytime you deplete your body of a necessity, it will get lighter. Taking out Carbs, or Fats, or calories, will always promote weight loss. But losing weight in such a way is only temporary and not sustainable. Your body is depleted for goodness sakes, and sooner or later, it’s going to want more nutrients. And, what the body wants, the body will climb mountains to get.


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How to Make Dairy-Free Pumpkin Seen Latte | Diana Stobo


Okay, so maybe you don’t like nuts, maybe you like seeds. There are so many seeds that you can make a milk out of in the nut-milk bags. Okay, pumpkin seed green tea latte, how good is that? We’re at that point in our lives, we’re tired of spending $5, $6 on a green tea latte, and it’s not even giving us the heath benefits that we truly want. We’re going to make the best green tea latte you’ve ever had. We’re going to use pumpkin seeds, honey, and a green tea powder. Delicious.
Pumpkin seeds need to be soaked for about two hours. Then, we’re going to drain, rinse, fill up with water. It’s one-to-four ratio, just like with the nuts. We’re going to add our green tea, and we’re going to add our honey, and we’re going to blend away. Look at that perfect green tea color.
Pumpkin seeds are very high in minerals, zinc, manganese, magnesium, unlike other nuts and seed. Everything has it’s own mineral content. Green tea is a great antioxidant, super wonderful for increasing the metabolism. It’s great for the skin. All right, again, just squeeze through the nut-milk bag. You can see all the… God, this smells so good. You can see see all the milk coming out. Creamy, delicious latte.
Now, I like to chill my green tea latte. You can drink it right now. You can even heat it up, just slightly, ever so slightly.

Post time: Aug-09-2017