How to Make Hot Pepper Spray to Deter Garden Critters & Trapping Coons

I’ve been having trouble with raccoons eating my melons, and groundhogs eating the sweet potatoes. Trapping wasn’t working, so I decided to mix up some pepper spray using Red Habeneros. I used about a dozen peppers, along with some garlic and dish liquid to make a nice critter deterrent. Make sure you don’t use the good kitchen blender or the wife might get upset. You can find a cheap one at a yard sale that will work just fine.

After getting the vegetables sprayed to deter the critters, I set the trap again for the raccoon. He got the marshmallows the first night, and didn’t spring the trap. So I loosened the trap, added more marshmallows, and caught him the next night. He was released in a swamp behind the horse farm.

When you are growing a garden, it is very important to learn the animals that are in your area. Coons, groundhogs, deer, squirrels, etc…..they can all do serious damage to your garden. How you decide to deal with them is a personal choice. But trapping and pepper spray are 2 very good options.

Post time: Jul-07-2017
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