How to Make Stevia Concentrate

How to make stevia / stevioside concentrate. We were one of the first three companies selling stevia and stevia extract (Stevioside). We started way back in the mid 1990′s.

Since there is so much bad information going around, we felt a responsibility to make this video for you on how to make stevia liquid concentrate for yourself.

Why pay $8.00, $13.95, $15.95 for fifty cents of stevia concentrate.

There are only two ingredients.
1 teaspoon of stevia (green powder), or as we are making it (stevia extract aka stevioside aka steviol glycosides).
3 TABLESPOONS of purified water.

That’s it!
If you want a good, cheap preservative to use for the stevia liquid concentrate, ad 2-3 drops of unflavored water.

WARNING: Make Absolutely Sure the container you will be using has been sterilized!

Post time: Jun-21-2017
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