How to make sweet soy sauce

Soy sauce off the shelf is too salty to use as dip for cheung fun in dim sum; therefore we always make our own soy sauce dip. Apart from the reduced saltiness; dim sum chef modified the soy sauce to be sweeter and more flavourful. This soy sauce can also be used as dip for roast duck and char siu.
To make the sweet soy sauce; the spices are first deep fried to extract it’s flavour before adding water, dark and light soy sauce. Sugar and MSG are added to make it sweet and flavourful.

Sweet soy sauce ingredients
300g water
100g light soy sauce
30g dark soy sauce
Half teaspoon MSG
2 tablespoon sugar

Half onion
1 bulb garlic
2 stalks spring onions
Few star aniseeds
Vegetable oil for deep frying the vegetables

Post time: Feb-13-2017