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Click https://hydraulix.refr.cc/TNKNS4M to 0rder Hydraulix Launch. Try this supplement geared specifically toward high performance athletes, used by some of the worlds premier Power LIfters. In the world of Sports Nutrition, pre-workout supplements provide the energy and nutrients needed to blast through the heaviest routine helping support the biggest gains in the shortest time. When it comes to fitness and sports nutrition supplements can be elemental to success!

Our first Pre Workout Formula
“Launch” is a “pre workout” different than any other! The ingredient profile in “Launch” is based on “Super Food” “Super Concentrates” along with other time tested ingredients. There are ingredients in Launch which are also considered to be Adaptogens!
“Launch” has been formulated with the goal of delivering:
•Steady “Clean” Energy
•Mood Enhancement
•Strength Output
•Fatigue Buffering
Ingredient Profile for “Launch” by Hydraulix: Beet Root Juice Extract , Maca Root Extract , Schizandra Extract , Barley Grass Juice Extract , Blueberry Extract , Grape Seed Extract , Cranberry Extract
Creatine Monohydrate , Betaine Anhydrous , Caffeine Anhydrous , DMAE , Huperzine A , Yohimbe Extract , Beta Alinine , Electrolytes
*Super foods are nutrient dense although being sparse in calories. They have antioxidants in abundance and normally meet the RDA of a vital nutrient in a single serving. www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQBXuZEbGew .In a nutshell, they’re some of the healthiest foods in the world.
Scientific research has proven the benefits of adaptogens on the human body. Adaptogens are biological substances found in certain rare plants and herbs that help the body “adapt” to changes and stress. Some of the benefits include overall stress protection, better ability to cope with stress, better sleep, quicker injury recovery, increased energy, and overall mental clarity and perception. The exact mechanism through which an adaptogen works seems to be through multiple chemical compounds. Adaptogens are nontoxic (in reasonable amounts,) it does not target a specific region of the body but benefits the body as a whole, and helps create a state of balance. In addition to helping the body adapt to stress, these ingredients also appear to be good for people in general; many of them are high in antioxidants, which can help fight heart disease and numerous other maladies.
One thing I am to watch for is the “cleanliness” of the supplement. What is actually in this supplement. Analyze every ingredient on the bottle and you will realize that Hydraulix is made for the serious athlete. Many companies have poor quality ingredients as well as a ton of stabilizing ingredients (to preserve), and fillers.
This Video shows Roc Pilon , 95 Lbs at age 18 completing 500 Lb Squat at the Idaho Spring Classic- Total lift for this raw event was 1,320 Lbs. Roc trains with World Record Breaker, Jessie Norris at Genesis Fitness in Nampa, Idaho. No matter what the sport, athletes are always after the same thing: winning. To win, you typically have to be the better athlete and a better athlete is one who is faster, stronger, more prepared, and better trained. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQBXuZEbGew

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