If You Knew The Health Benefits Of Pumpkin Seeds, you would never throw away the pumpkin seed

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Throw away the pumpkin seeds, it is what most people do.

The medicinal use of pumpkin seeds (pumpkin or, in some regions of Brazil) is common in many people, like the Chinese, whose ancient medicine is one of the wisest and effective.

The seeds contain 44% to 50% oil fraction (rich in fatty acids mono and polyunsaturated), high fiber content (23-27%) compared to other seeds, albumin (protein – 37% to 40%) , cucurbitacin, minerals, especially zinc, magnesium and potassium, B vitamins, salts of folic acid (folate), and other nutrients.

The presence of the substance gives the cucurbitacin pumpkin seed recognized anti-inflammatory properties, especially in diseases of the prostate and the urinary system.

It is still a great dewormer for adults and children.

The roasted and salted pumpkin seed, as usually sold, does not present the same therapeutic value of raw seed.

Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, researches have shown that the oil contained in the pumpkin seeds have beneficial results in the treatment of bladder problems (congestion and calculations) and prostate (hyperplasia).

Other benefits of pumpkin seed:

- To the heart: oil contained in pumpkin seed is comparable to virgin olive oil.

- High pressure: rich in potassium, a mineral that plays an important role in controlling blood pressure.

- Constipation: the concentration of fiber in the pumpkin seed is quite high, which makes the daily consumption of this seed very indicated for the prevention and treatment of constipation.

- Skin, hair and eyes: rich in vitamin E, a recognized antioxidant activity, the daily consumption of this seed may be useful in combating premature aging, not only the skin, as the cells of the whole organism.

It is also rich in vitamin A, which prevents diseases such as macular degeneration.

- Prostate: considered one of the best natural treatments in preventing prostate problems and urinary tract.

Recipe for prostate problems Cook 150 grams of pumpkin seeds whole (fresh and raw, without peel) in 1 liter of filtered water for 20 minutes on low heat. Allow to cool and transfer to a bottle or wide mouth container.

It is not necessary to strain because the seeds remain in the background, and can be thrown away after total cooling. Take one cup of this water three times throughout the day.

- Eliminates worm, due to cucurbitacin. For single dose treatment, it is an indication of 100 to 150 grams (children) and 200 to 250 grams (adults) under fasting conditions.

Now note the pumpkin seed syrup recipe for asthma, cough and bronchitis


60 grams pumpkin / pumpkin seed

2 tablespoons (soup filled) honey

1 cup (tea) of water

20 drops of propolis extract


Beat all ingredients in a blender. Beat well to leave enough ground seeds.

Take 1 teaspoon (tsp) 5 times a day. It can be eaten by children over 2 years, but the dose should be reduced to half in the age range of 2 to 7 years.

Pumpkin seed flour recipe for cholesterol, triglycerides, diabetes and constipation


Pumpkin seeds 1

Let the seeds soak in water filtered for a few hours. Then dry them with the help of a cloth and bring them to a moderate oven for 10 minutes.

Once this is done, toast the seeds in a frying pan until golden brown (careful not to burn them). Beat the dried seeds in a blender, then sieve to obtain a fine powder.

Store the flour in a jar with a lid on it. The recommended dose is a maximum of 3 tablespoons daily.

It can be added in vitamins, soups, salads and cake recipes:

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Post time: Jul-19-2017
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