Illinois NanoBio Node – Nanohour Dec. 4,2012 – Modification of Dentin Matrices for Dental Therapies


” A Tooth Problem: Biomodification of Dentin Matrices as Novel Strategy for Dental Therapies”

Prof. Ana Bedran-Russo (UIC College of Dentistry)

“It is estimated that in the United States, 350 million dental restorations
(fillings) are placed every year in dental offices. Sixty percent of those restorations
replace existing failed restorative treatments. The primary reason for failure of
dental restorations is secondary caries (decay), indicative of increased permeability
and debonding between tooth and restorative biomaterial. Current dental adhesive
restorative systems rely on the micromechanical retentions of restorations by
infiltrations of hydrophilic and hydrophobic resins into a collagen-rich surface on
dentin. Our laboratory at UIC has focused on understanding the tooth
biochemistry/biomechanics and explored biomimetic approaches for innovative
restorative/regenerative therapies. Specifically the interactions of olygomeric
proanthocyanidins agents (OPC) with dentin matrices to improve mechanical
properties and reduced biodegradation rates. This presentation will provide (1)
overview of challenges in the harsh oral environment (2) limitations of current
dental therapies and (3) mechanisms of interactions of OPC with type I collagen,
proteoglycans and matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs).”

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