Indigo Herbs Interviews Nutritionist David Ash – Part 4 – Nutrition for Liver Health

Nutritionist David Ash, author of ‘Love Your Liver’ talks to Indigo Herbs about the glucose addiction related disease. Indigo Herbs are one of the UK’s leading online retailers of superfoods who’s mission is ‘empowering optimum health and nutrition’. David Ash is best known as a physcist and a leading thinker in the quantum conciousness movement but he has also always worked in nutrition. In this video David talks about the herbs, superfoods, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that support liver health. He explains the latest thinking on Vitamin C and it’s synergy with proanthocyanidins gives us our most powerful antioxidant and why he recommends milk thistle and turmeric. He also describes why he suggests magnesium, selenium and the amino acids needed for glutathione and it’s importance in keeping the liver healthy. He also explaind the importance of Vitamin D and the huge role played by the B vitamins.

Post time: Aug-09-2017