Jaundice Treatment – Traditional and Alternative Approaches!


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In this video I’m going to share with you jaundice treatment when it comes to alternative medicine, as well as some traditional approaches. Just like your automobile has an oil filter to clean oil, your body needs something to clean blood and it’s the liver. When the liver breaks down used red blood cells it creates something known as bilirubin that is removed by the body through feces. This bilirubin gives feces that brownish color.

Jaundice takes place when something prevents the liver from creating bilirubin. As bilirubin starts to accumulate in the blood stream it can give someone a yellowish color to their skin and eyes. If someone’s stools do not appear brownish in color then this could also indicate this condition.

The type of treatment to cure jaundice depends on what is causing it. If someone is a heavy drinker then a great treatment would be to stop abusing alcohol. Perhaps it’s a virus that is disrupting the livers ability to function normally. If that is the case then a doctor may prescribe anti-viral prescription drugs. The problem with prescription drugs is it creates negative side effects, as well as free radicals. Another idea is to use herbal remedies and there are tons of choices.

One great herbal remedies is to drink tea. There was a study done by Harvard that concluded that people who drank 5 cups of black tea a day for 2 week had 10 times more virus-fighting interferon than people who just drank a placebo hot drink. Interferon interferes with a virus’s ability to replicate. That is just one herb and there are tons of others such as garlic, ginger, olive leaf extract and andrographis.

Perhaps it’s a bacteria that is causing jaundice and antibiotics could be prescribed. One of the negative side effects of antibiotics is that it could kill the healthy bacteria in the digestive system. An alternative medicine would be to use herbal remedies like a few that I suggested earlier, which also help.

In severe cases a liver transplant is an option, but only a small number of people are candidates and the amount of donated livers are limited.

After eliminating what is causing jaundice the next step would be to heal the liver. One idea that could help you is turmeric. South Korean researchers at the Clinical Trial Center for Functional Foods took 60 patients that were experiencing mild to elevated levels of liver damage or dysfunction. Some of the group received 3 grams per fermented turmeric powder or a placebo for 12 weeks.

The result was that turmeric significantly reduced ALT, AST and GGT levels. When these levels are elevated its associated with liver damage. Also turmeric was well tolerated and there were no significant adverse side effects.

Another cause of this medical condition is when the bile duct system becomes blocked and it’s known as post-hapatic jaundice. Unfortunately there is no quick fix for this and surgery is often recommended.

To sum everything up jaundice treatment depends on what is causing it. If it’s a virus then antiviral medicine can be used and an alternative medicine could be herbs. If it’s a bacteria then antibiotics would probably be prescribed. Liver transplants and surgery are a few other treatments that might be needed. To heal the liver a great idea would be to use turmeric.

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Post time: Feb-15-2017