Labster Virtual Lab: Blood Sugar Simulation

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The Blood Sugar Lab explores how carbohydrates are broken down by the digestive system and taken up into the bloodstream.


- Explore the molecular structure of sugars and polysaccharides.
- Understand digestion and appreciate the complexity of the human body.
- Experiment with different foods and measure their impact on the blood sugar level.


Carbohydrates – the energy for your body

A scientific paper states that carbohydrate loading can improve the performance of endurance cyclists. Your goal is to learn how carbohydrates are digested and taken up by the body to be used as energy source.

Study the molecular structures of carbohydrates

Use the in-lab molecule visualizer to study the chemical structure of sugars. Learn the basics about molecule structures and chemical formulas.

Learn how food is mechanically and enzymatically broken down

You are encouraged to perform a real experiment and sense how the amylase breaks down starch. A 3D animation will visualize the molecular process of carbohydrate digestion.

Measure the effect of different foods on the blood glucose level

Depending on the composition of food the effect on the blood glucose level is very different. You can choose different food items and measure the increase of the blood glucose level of a virtual test subject.

Post time: Jun-26-2017