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Stevia is a naturally source no calorie sweetener that has been use by hundreds of years as a sugar substitute and is now a key ingredient of major food and beverages companies.

Stevia Evolution:
Stevia was first consumed every 200 years ago in South America where indigenious people use leaves of the plant to sweetened beverages. In recent years the global demand for natural origin no calories sweeteners has driven Stevia development into the market.

Through the evolution leaf cultivation, improve sustainability, harvesting and production and enhanced herbs extraction processes. Great tasting stevia can now be produce commercially. It is grown throughout the world with major cultivation occuring in Paraguay, China, Kenya and USA.

Stevia – What makes it sweet?
Similar to sugar and other plant based ingredients Stevia is extracted from a plant to become powder-sweetened form. Extraction involve sipping stevia leaves like a tea and then purifying the best tasting sweet compounds, scientifically known as steviol glycosides. This high purity extracts could be 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar.

Stevia – Who can enjoy it?
To help combat overweight and obesity, health professional recommend moderate or reduce calorie intake for better energy balance and weight management. Stevia can be use to reduce calorie and sugar levels in foods and beverages as part of a healthy diet aproach and it safe the whole family including people with diabetes.

It sweetened hundreds of food and beverages products around the world. You can find stevia sweetened teas, carbonated softdrinks, juices, yogurt and dairy products, flavored waters and confectionary among others stevia sweetened products.

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Post time: Jun-26-2017