Male Sexual Potency — A Chinese Herbal Prescription (7)

MALE SEXUAL POTENCY – - A Chinese herbal prescription.
Declining potency for males are usually due to aging, sudden or continuous weakening of health, or too much sex when young. There are many Chinese herbs that can arrest the decline. If taken over a period of time, they will gradually bring back your virility. Of course, they cannot bring you back to when you were 18.

Chinese herbs cannot deliver the mechanical performance of Viagra and the likes. Furthermore, they don’t give you the expected effect when you take them a few hours beforehand. Being a product of nature, they help you build up the potency at the rate your body can handle (not what your mind wants). Think of it as muscle building where a sustained effort gives you a long-term effect. After a period of time as short as a few weeks, you’ll find that the herbs are steadily working for you.

The prescription should basically be a strengthening combination aiming at the kidneys, the blood, the Qi, and the Yang.
1) Kidneys
Xu Duan 續 斷
Du Zhong 杜 仲
Qian Shi 芡 實
Rou Cong Rong 肉 蓯 容
2) Blood
Chuan Xiong 川 芎
Dang Gui 當 歸
Shu Di Huang 熟 地 黃
3) The Qi
Huang Qi 黃耆
Du Huo 獨 活
Gou Ji 狗 瘠
4) The Yang
Suo Yang 鎖 陽
Xian Ling Pi 仙 靈 皮
Ba Ji Tian 巴 戟 天
A combination of 13 herbs are recommended.

One must be careful not to prescribe an overdose for fast results. The consequence may be negative. When strengthening herbs are used, they generate a lot of heat inside the body. Excess heat may bring on sleep difficulty, mouth sores, headache, nose bleeding, or constipation. Worse, it may cause your blood pressure to rise.

Drink one cup (8 oz) of herb tea a day, preferably in the morning to allow time for the excess heat to dissipate from your body before bedtime.
Drink more water if you feel more thirsty than usual.

This is just one formula with countless variations depending on:
* Your age
* How weak is your body.
* How sensitive is your body to the strengthening herbs. Click the Askjohn button to pose a question.
Herbal capsules or concentrates can be tailor-made for your conditions.

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