Michael Veloso: All-Natural Male Enhancement (for SATB chorus)

‘All-Natural Male Enhancement,’ Boston-based composer Michael Veloso’s brilliant choral settings of spam e-mail texts. The work, conducted here by Allegra Martin, is in five movements:

I. Fwd: I was looking at your profile (begins at 0:01)
II. (no subject) (begins at 1:21)
III. Only ant best way to elanrge your p_e.n|s. voyage scalps (begins at 3:35)
IV. enemy (begins at 5:40)
V. Our gilrs is verry yuonng attendees absolves (begins at 6:56)

Michael Veloso’s website can be accessed at https://mjveloso.com/
The texts of the spam e-mails are approximated below, but they can be better seen in their raw form at https://mjveloso.com/works/all-natural-male-enhancement/

I. Fwd: I was looking at your profile (begins at 0:01)

Hi, my name is Tiffany! (wink)
My friend said you were a really cool person and I should get in contact with you!
I looked at your profile and thought I would contact you.
I love meeting new people, I also love to talk. I just got my videocam working so you can see me to! It doesn’t cost you anything if you wanna watch/see me! You don’t even need your own videocam! This is not my screenname, but a friends. To contact me you need to go to my personal site (dont worry it’s a FREE site like Yahoo!) its the only way to contact me! My personal site:
Just Copy and Paste in your Broswer
Best of love and regards, Tiffany

II. (no subject) (begins at 1:21)

Sitting at home bored . Find a date from us right here
What have you been searching for?
Hot sex
A married mom
A long lasting relationship
Find everything you need here

III. Only ant best way to elanrge your p_e.n|s. voyage scalps (begins at 3:35)

Hello. I know about your problem, man.

overseer Maxtor antics Carlisle bulged

I know that you always see a grin on faces of other men, when you goto shower after GYM…

greed smash Anabaptist excess helping

I know that your woman dreams about man with big and hard pne|s…And I know that you have small one.

weather mountains acetate breezily finders

I know your shame when you undrsse|ng when women look at you…

fungible spellings customer grips startup

I know what is it, because some time ago I had a little pne|s too.

cored sweetness poured Germans Kalamazoo

One time your woman will meet a man with a big dc|.k…

fevered subjecting shorts stiffens faithless

And you’ll loose her…

crypt start recoiled reformat calamity

As I lost my g|rl… But you have chance to correct situation.

payroll undresses diaphragm lockup economize

You have 100% guaranteed and safe way to ELNRAGE YOUR PNE|S!

minded updated donate dishonored repairer

Read M0R_E.

IV. enemy (begins at 5:40)

Rosario Wu,(
Govenment don’t want me to sell
UndergroundCD !Check Your spouse and staff
Investigate Your Own CREDIT-HISTORY
hacking someone PC!Get a new passport!
Disappear in your city


,affectate ,slut
,ammonia ,boredom .

V. Our giIrs is verry yuonng attendees absolves (begins at 6:56)

Clara has a prretty face, hoI puusssy, Iong Iegs chloroplast’s

She came over.. I bussted out the pipe and we smoked and.. Liechtenstein

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