My Secrets To Get A Stronger Penis

I’m just like you, i chose to use it,and the result was awesome :)


There are so many penis enlargement methods advertised on television, radio and internet nowadays that it’s hard to choose one. The fact that all these sources of information claim to have the only “miracle” product that works and try to convince you that other companies are just a scam, does not make your choice easier. Penis enlargement pills seem to be the most contradictory.

Although there are a lot of speculations in regards to the efficiency of herbs when it comes to penis enlargement, medical experts have come a long way to prove that they actually do work. In fact, a lot of studies reveal that penis enlargement pills have plenty of additional sexual benefits such as stronger and longer lasting erections, increased stamina and better sexual performance overall. So how exactly do penis enlargement pills work?

Your penis consists of two paired reservoirs at the top called Corpora Cavernosa. They are the main blood holding chambers of the penis where 90% of blood is stored. The size and hardness of the erection depends on how much blood is pumped into these chambers. The only way to enlarge you penis is to increase the diameter of the blood-holding spaces in Corpora Cavernosa.

It has been discovered that some herbs can be stimulators that push blood into Corpora Cavernosa during erection, thus forcing these chambers to expand their capacity and create a larger and fuller erection. This is the main principle based on which penis enlargement pills operate.

The one thing that will be required of you is commitment. Choosing the natural way to enlarge your penis will take some time and effort before you will see the rewards, whereas going for penis enlargement surgery could bring you immediate results but with the risk of a potentially dysfunctional or deformed penis and a huge bill.

Among the main herbs that are found in most penis enlargement pills is Cuscuta Seed Extract. Traditional Chinese literature lists it as an aphrodisiac that has been known to revitalize the reproductive system. Medical studies show that Cuscuta has positive effects on sperm health and mobility. This herb helps with premature ejaculation, as well as getting and sustaining bigger and harder erections.

Another herb highly valued in Chinese herbalism is Epimedium Leaf Extract also known as Horny Goat Weed. The active ingredient of Epimedium Leaf Extract is icariin. It has properties very similar to Viagra, except that it doesn’t have any of Viagra’s side effects. Icariin has been used in the medical community to treat erectile dysfunction, it increases blood circulation to the penis therefore creating a larger and stronger erection, it has also been found to stimulate the release of testosterone, which is responsible for sexual drive and stamina.

According to geological records Ginkgo Biloba is the oldest tree species that has been growing on earth for 150-200 million years. It has been proven to provide numerous benefits for problems throughout your whole body. It promotes mental alertness, helps prevent aging effects, and supports circulatory and blood vessel health. Several studies have shown that Ginkgo specifically increases the blood flow to genitals. In one such study with men suffering from impotence 50% of them regained their sexual function after 6 months of using Ginkgo Biloba.

Asian Red Ginseng has been traditionally used in herbalism to stimulate the immune system, fight general weakness and deliver extra energy. Ginseng has also been associated with improved sexual function and is known to be a powerful aphrodisiac. The main ingredient of ginseng is ginsenoside, which alters blood circulation to the brain and penis and can build blood and sperm. In one study conducted on men suffering from impotence, over 60% reported considerable improvements in erection size and firmness and increased sexual stamina after taking Ginseng for only 60 days.

Saw Palmetto Berry has been long used as a sexual stimulant and aphrodisiac. It has also been widely used to provide treatment for benign enlargement of the prostate. The prostate gland produces the vast majority of seminal fluid and is vital for ejaculation. Saw Palmetto effectively reduces an enlarged prostate, which is a very common condition for men over 50. It also helps to maintain healthy levels of testosterone, which not only helps to prevent prostate problems but also contributes to a healthy sex drive. Saw Palmetto is one of the very few herbs that strengthen and build body tissues.

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