Naturelle Barley Grass Powder & Naturelle Greens Powder Testimonial

“Eat, drink and be merry” – For many of us, unfortunately this phrase still applies.

A Modern diet can cause our bodies to be acidic. A typical Western diet for many people consists of up to 90% acid forming foods and drinks. Foods such as white bread, sugar, take away, processed or refined foods and drinks such as soft drink, tea, coffee and alcohol are some of the main reasons, people are becoming over acidic. To optimize our health and well being, the ideal balance of food and food residue in our body is 80% alkaline and 20% acidic.

Naturelle Green blend powder can be the answer.

Naturelle Green blend powder is a powerful combination of 5 highly nutritious and mildly alkaline green leaf powders which can help reduce and maintain the pH level in your body.

Naturelle Green blend powder combines Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Alfalfa, Oat Grass and Spelt Grass Which are all high in Chlorophyll and essential Vitamins and Minerals that will allow your body to perform at its best each day.

The Barley Grass Powder in Naturelle Green is so rich in nutrients that it contains up to 10 times more vitamins B1 than milk, 5 times more vitamins C than oranges and up to 5 times more Iron than Spinach.

Wheat Grass Powder contains loads of Vitamins and Minerals and like barley grass, it contains over 90 minerals vital for life. Wheat grass is high is protein and dietary Fibre, and as well as Barley grass it is good source of vitamins E which is a powerful Anti-oxidant that provides cell protection against Free Radical damage.

Alfalfa Powder has loads of calcium, many trace elements and Vitamins A, C, D, E ad K it is a powerful natural infection fighter and many Chinese healers in the 6th century were said to use Alfalfa to treat kidney stones and to relieve fluid retention and swelling.

Oat Grass Powder is the “Quiet achiever” of the Naturelle Green.

Oat grass has been found to be an excellent for the whole system, due to its excellent herbal source of magnesium. It has been used to help with nervous disorders, urinary tract infections and osteoporosis. Last but not least is Spelt.

Spelt powder is the oldest known form of grains; it dates back to the early stone age and is known for having the highest protein content of all cereals. It is also the highest source of vitamins B17 which is quickly gaining attention for its cancer fighting abilities.

Naturelle Green is the complete Super food – for energy and vitality.

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Post time: Feb-16-2017