Nectevia All Natural Stevia Fortified Agave Nectar

Food technologists now have a tool to alleviate these consumer concerns. Steviva Ingredients presents Nectevia, a plant-based syrup designed to naturally sweeten foods and reduce calories. Nectevia begins with organic agave nectar extracted from blue agave, a succulent that grows in the American Southwest and Mexico. The nectar is extracted at low temperatures and mildly filtered. The addition of high- intensity steviol glycosides boosts the sweetness. The stevia component also fulfills the natural label. Steviva Ingredients relies solely on water extraction to isolate the purest components of the stevia plant. No chemical solvents are used. The result is a smooth, clean flavor. Nectevia’s ingredient statement is simply agave nectar and stevia.
This all- natural sweetener is four times sweeter than invert sugar. Agave has a flavor faintly reminiscent of honey. It dissolves quickly in hot or cold liquids so it can easily be incorporated in beverages, sauces and dressings. It serves as a binding agent in cereals and bars.

Post time: Jul-19-2017
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