Noni Fruit, Potential Skin Healer, Immune Booster and Analgesic

Noni fruit, used to make noni juice and powdered concentrates, can be a valuable dietary supplement known for its cleansing, pain relieving and antibacterial properties.
Extensively used by the Polynesian people for its many diverse health enhancing properties, the entire noni tree is considered an extremely valuable and versatile therapeutic plant species in which all parts of the tree, including the leaves, roots and stems, as well as the fruits, have been utilized for over 2,000 years among many cultures throughout the South Pacific.The fruits, containing a broad range of active compounds, are generally the most popular part consumed and used topically as a medicinal fruit and tonic beverage with multiple medical uses for treating a wide variety of conditions. Learn more about this superfruit variety and how to make your own fermented or fresh juice.

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