ProSupps Hyde | Pre Workout Supplement Review

In this video we have ProSupps Hyde. Dan from goes through another Pre Workout Supplement Review.

Hyde by PreSupps (or Mr Hyde as it’s now known) is a pre workout supplement that comes in a concentrated form. It has your standard ingredients expected in most pre workouts – beta alanine, creatine, leucine along with the stimulants caffeine, DMAA (now removed), yohimbine and Pikotropin – an ingredient that is said to increase blood flow to the brain and increase hand eye coordination… it’s not ground up Pikachu’s.


Taste – 10/10
Mixability – 10/10
Pump – 8/10
Energy – 10/10
Focus – 8/10

Overall – 9/10

ProSupps Hyde gets an almost perfect score. Out of all the video reviews I have done so far, this pre workout has been the best in terms of all round awesomeness. I could definitely feel the Yohimbine getting to work soon after taking it as one of the effects I always experience with that ingredient is increased body temperature and sweating.

Focus and energy was very high, this product drove me to really push myself and set new personal bests, usually I would just play it safe and stick with steady weights but nope I just wanted to go for it. The only thing better I have experienced is a three scooper of Jack3d by USP Labs for solid Focus.

Pump is great although I thought it would be better with it having Agmatine Sulfate in it (which I have had excellent results with when I used a bulk supply). It has no carbs in it and is comparable to Cellucor M5 Extreme.

Overall this is a solid product. I would highly recommend it but unfortunately it has been reformulated to remove the DMAA from it. I am eager to get hold of the new version so I can compare new against old. Maybe with more servings this could be even better!

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Post time: Jul-07-2017
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