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Rain Soul Powerful Antioxidants & Essential Fatty Acids to energize, revitalize, detoxify your mind, body & soul. Black cumin seed, Black raspberry seed, Grape seed, Ribose-D, Resveratrol.
富 含 抗 氧 化, 人 体 内 必 需 脂 肪 酸, 帮 助 人 脑 和 身 体 排 毒. 古 书 记 载 黑 小 茴 香 除 了 无 法 起 死 回 生, 种 籽 可 做 为 每 种 疾 病 的 治 疗 药 物.

Dr Otto Heinrich Warburg (Germany)
Nobel Prize in Medicine 1931 : Biochemist
The body requires special fats that, among other important functions. make it possible for sufficient oxygen to reach the cells via the cellular membranes. Which are the key, These special fats are highly oxygen-absorbing. Called Essential Fatty Acids, or EFAs, these special fats must be supplied from outside the body every day.

Black raspberry seed :
Contain antioxidant-like phytonutrients including ellagitannins and anthocyanins. These may help fight viruses, inflammation, and a number of other serious health conditions. Antioxidants seek out and eliminate cell-damaging substances, called free radicals. Free radicals can occur naturally in the body or from exposure to environmental toxins. Although ellagitannins exist in most berries, raspberries contain the the most potent levels.

葡萄籽 :

Grape seed :
Grape seeds have an abundant source of flavonoids called proanthocyanidins. This is important for brain health due to their free radical-quenching antioxidant and collagen-protecting effects. Proanthocyanidins have also been shown to noticeably delay the onset of lipid peroxidation and to effectively chelate iron ions. Free iron ions are some of the most powerful promoters of lipid peroxide, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radical production. This is a major contributor to the pathogenesis of Parkinsons disease, one of the most common neurological diseases in older individuals.

Ribose-D :
Ribose-D is a five-carbon sugar found in every cell in our bodies that combines with oxygen and ATP (adenosine triphoshate) to give energy to each cell. Ribose is also present in RNA (ribonucleic acid), which is one of the main information carriers of living organisms. Oxidative stress, as measured by free radical damage to cells, leads to systematic inflammation. Fortunately, our bodies handle this problem daily. However, if our bodies experience an abnormal increase in free radicals due to exercise, daily stress, excess smoking, excess saturated fat intake, depressed immune system, aging, etc., the body becomes fatigued and less efficient in producing Ribose-D to replenish cellular energy. Because of this, we need to supplement with Ribose-D in order to regenerate the cells energy system.
Grape Extracts Resveratrol :
Grape skin extract contains trans-resveratrol which is considered a natural antibiotic that can fight bacterial diseases. Resveratrol may help protect the body from various diseases and slowing down the aging process.

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