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A glamorized micro scene of a single process of honey bearing. This honey bee worker, the member of a much larger honey manufacturing enterprise, harvests nectar from a red clover flower.

Many studies have shown that the red clover plant provides a variety of health effects. However, it is wise to educate yourself before use.


This flower tops of the this plant are used to make herbal medicine. Often in drink form the the solid extracts of red clover are used as a flavoring ingredient. Red clover has been used primarily for skin conditions, blood disorders and its female hormonal effects.

Health Benefits:

Red clover contains very high levels of isoflavones, which can be changed by our bodies to phytoestrogens. These are plant like substances that mimic our natural form of hormonal estrogen. Due to these actions, this herb is often used to treat hot flashes, PMS and breast health. This herb has been linked to increasing circulation of the blood. This may reduce the possibilities of blood clotting and arterial plaque build up.

Side Effects + Safety:

This plant is only considered unsafe when taken in heavy doses. Please take caution when considering medicine use of this herb. There have been many allergic reactions and drug interactions linked to the medicinal use of this flower.

– May act like estrogen. This may disturb the hormonal balance of pregnant women and those with hormone sensitive disorders.

– Can increase chances of bleeding in those with blood conditions. It may slow blood clotting, do not consume prior to any surgery.

Always be conscientious of the possible negative effects of herbal medicine. It is always recommended to consult an experienced health professional before committing to heavy use of herbs.

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Post time: Feb-11-2017