S Triagni – Stevia Extract Powder ( Stevioside) natural sweetner from Stevia Rebaudiana plant

Stevia Rebaudiana
S Triagni brings to you Stevia rebaudiana, Indian ayurvedic name being, “madhu patra”, that has been used since ancient time, and is found in Paraguay, South America, as well as in India. Many people around the world have started to use it daily in this age as well.
Stevia is an herbal plant and has various uses & benefits such as:
• Stevia is calorie free, natural sugar substitute
• Stevia is best for the diabetic, without any side effects
• Stevia is fat free, with no carbohydrates
• Stevia helps to reduce the blood sugar type II
• Stevia doesn’t create any glycemic
• Stevia is non-protenacious, and can be stable up to 180 degree C
• Stevia has an anti- oral bacterial effect, which is very good to be used as a sweetener for tooth powder, tooth paste, & mouth wash
• Stevia can be used in anti-wrinkle face packs, and is very effective to tighten the skin
• Stevia helps to cure disease like dermatitis and eczema

Post time: Jun-21-2017
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