Special Pre Workout – Food Shopping – Push Workout – Summer Shredding Journey 2017 – Vlog #14

In the vid i made a special pre workout mix, did a push workout.
Also went for food shopping and showd some low calory foods!
If you have any questions feel free to ask them.
Thanks for watching everyone!

If you are interested in the supplements i am using for this shredding process check out:
For USA:


Use code “shredded15″ to get 15% off everything in the store.

For Europe:


Use code “shredded10″ to get 10% off in that store

Hope you learned something or at least found it entertaining.
Curently i am using: Cardarine aka gw 501516 – Yohimbine HCL – Arachidonic Acid
From EA and they all work great.
Do what they are suposed to do, these are no bs supplements.
I put my name on the line by saying that these really work.

Feel free to ask any questions, for progress pics and stuff like that check out my instagram:


Post time: Jul-07-2017
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