Stevia Extract

This was the first time I made this extract.

Dry stevia leaves or fresh
Glass jar with lid
Small sauce pan
Fine screen strainer
Small amber bottle with dropper

Crush leaves in glass jar, (if using fresh wash and pat dry first, then chop).
Fill jar with vodka, enough to cover all the herb.
Put lid on and shake, then place jar in a cool dark closet, cabinet or pantry.
Let mixture steep for 48 hours, shaking the jar daily for at least 30 seconds.
After 48 hours, strain herb from vodka in to a small sauce pan and squeezing the herb to release all of the extract.
Discard the herb.
Heat slowly and gently, do not let the liquid boil, for 20 minutes. This will remove the alcohol and improve the sweetness and will reduce the volume.
Pour the finished extract into a small bottle with a dropper and store in fridge up to 3 months.

I used dried stevia leaves this time, next time I’ll try fresh.

Just a drop or two will sweeten any drink.

Post time: Jun-26-2017