The Stevia rebaudiana is commonly known as Madhu Tulsi. This is widely grown for its sweet leaves. Stevia and Sunflower belong to asteraceae family. The sweet herb Stevia is becoming a major source of natural sweetener as an alternate of sugar. It is rapidly replacing the chemical sweetener like Splenda, Saccharine and Aspartame.The plant is native to tropical and subtropical regions of North America and South America. There are near about 240 species of Stevia Genus. It is grown widely in countries like Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay and Venezuela. In Venezuela it is being used over 1500 years. Stevia leaves are 20-25 times sweeter than normal sugar. The extract of stevia Rebaudioside-A is around 300-400 times sweeter than normal sugar. The sweetness of stevia also felt for long time.
A good market is being developed for stevia domestically as well as internationally. This is a ray of hope for the diabetic patient. As it is natural source of sweetener. It is also used for the treatment of obesity and high blood sugar patient. There is not increase in sugar level after consumption of stevia as sweetener as substitute of normal sugar.Replacement and replanting
From the subsequent years some plants will die off duet to various reasons, these gaps should be immediately filled by well developed seedlings .Depending upon the soil type and management the productivity will decline after 5 years and this should be replaced with new plantation.
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Post time: Jun-29-2017