TIENS OPC PLUS [TE] – A Worldwide Green

TIENS OPC PLUS – A WORLDWIDE GREEN _ a team of distributors of TIENS
Your skin beautician and blood purifier
• OPC Antioxidants are considered the best antioxidants available to humans.
• There are more than 60,000 known toxins in the water we drink and the air we breathe. Taking OPC antioxidants regularly throughout one’s lifetime can be beneficial.
• Grape seed extract contains oligomeric proanthocyanidins, providing protective support for capillaries and blood vessels.
• The antioxidant content of OPC is known to be fifty times as powerful as vitamin E, according to some studies.

Major ingredients
• Saraca indica extract
• Terminalia chebula extract
• Terminalia bellerica extract
• Emblica officinalis extract
• Giloy extract
• Grape seed extract
• Neem patta
• Hibiscus extract

• Contributes to cardio protective action
• Provides herbal support system to the heart
• Prevents thrombus (clot) formation
• Effectively removes free radicals due to smoking
• Enables to withstand stroke or brain injuries etc.,
• Promotes waste removal from the body
• Delays aging symptoms on long term use

Recommended for
• Bleeding gums
• Speck of blood in the cornea
• People with regular smoking and alcohol consumption
• Tired muscle
• Abnormal heartbeat
• People with varicose vein
• Who needs to delay aging symptoms

Post time: Aug-09-2017