Vertical Sesame soybean Peanut Butter colloid mill grinder 5.5KW

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Vertical Sesame soybean Peanut Butter colloid mill grinder
professional grinder
Peanut butter Sesame soybean segrinding machine
Thin degree:2~40μm
Out put:0.02-0.5 t/h (Varies According to Materials pioperteies)
Diameter of Scafe :65mm
Cooling Pipe:10mm
Diameter of Inlet:30mm
Diameter of Outlet:20mm

Working principle:
Under the effect of centrifugal force and being run by relatively high speed between the rotating gear and the fixed gear, the liquid and the semi-liquid materials is efficiently emulsified, homogenized, dispersed and mixed during the course of being cut, milled and shocked with high frequency. After that you can get the satisfied and processed material.

Application Scope:
The colloidal mill is widely applied in sorts of products of many fields by its advantage such as foodstuffs industry, medicine industry, chemical industry and everyday chemical industry etc.
(1)Food industry: aloe,bee pollen,pineapple,sesame,fruit tea,ice cream,moon cake stuffing,butter,jam,juice,soybean,bean sauce, sweetened bean paste,peanut milk,protein milk,soybean milk,dairy products,malted milk,favoring essence,beverages,emulsified chick bone paste,emulsified pig skins and other animal skins,etc.
(2)Chemical industry: paint,pigment,dye,coating,lubricant,lubricating grease,diesel,petroleum catalyst,emulsified asphalt,adhesive,detergent,plastic,explosive,glass fiber reinforced plastic,leather,emulsion explosive,etc
(3)Daily chemicals: toothpaste,detergent,shampoo,shoe polish,cosmetics,bath concentrate,soap,fragrance grease,etc.
(4)Pharmacy: syrup,nutrition liquid,Chinese traditional patent medicine,cream medicine,biological products,cod-liver oil,pollen,royal jelly,vaccine,various ointments,various oral liquid,injection,vein liquid extract,pancreatin agent,emulsion,animal medicine,etc.
(5)Other industries: plastic industry,textile industry,paper making industry,bio-chemical,environment protection&energy saving coal floatation agent,nanometer material,various schools,colleges,research institutes,etc.

Post time: Feb-11-2017