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Soon to become a 2015 Hot List item is our brand new 6′ LED Indoor/Outdoor Willow Tree: https://www.shopwildthings.com/led-willow-tree-warm-white-6-feet-tall-brown.html#fulldesc This massive 6′ x 6′ tree is available in multiple models including: Warm White LED with Brown Trunk, Green Leaf LED with Brown Trunk, and White LED with White Trunk. Professional grade construction coupled with Rainproof connectors and AC adaptor allow you to install these illuminated beauties anywhere. All surfaces are texture coated to create a 3-D realistic back drop and compliment any decor. The detail is amazing right down to the flexible patterned coating, realistic bark texture, and plant-like veins on each leaf. Proportionate balanced branch design allows for 10 branches having 55 lights per limb to be installed creating a gorgeous realistic tree full of 550 shimmering LED’s. Using only 70 watts per tree you can add depth to your event with day and night transition landscape that won’t overload your electrical plan. The new technology passive LED’s will not interfere with lighting units keeping your photographer happy as well. Install with confidence knowing that these realistic quality trees will dazzle your guests and weather the elements with Rainproof shielding. Top design professionals rely on our products so give us a call and find out how we can help you with your next event!

Willow Tree, 6′ Warm White LED w/Brown Trunk – Indoor/Outdoor


Willow Tree, 6′ Green LED Leaves w/Brown Trunk – Indoor/Outdoor


Willow Tree, 6′ White LED w/White Trunk – Indoor/Outdoor


Post time: Feb-19-2017