XeroSweet Plus Stevia Fortified Xylitol Sweetener – Sugar Substitute

Food formulators have a lot of sweetening choices. Each sweetener has its own flavor characteristics. Some are sweeter than sugar, some are less so. The flavor may develop and subside smoothly and cleanly, as in the case of sugar. Others take longer to mature, and then they linger too long. The after effect can be bitter, metallic or similarly unpleasant.

XeroSweet Plus Stevia Fortified Xylitol available in standard 30-60 mesh and 100 mesh fine powder is formulated to reduce calories. XeroSweet Plus 100 mesh can replace 10X confectioner’s sugar. The addition of SteviaSweet 95-60 in XeroSweet Plus doubles the sweetness intensity while imparting a clean, well balanced flavor. XeroSweet Plus stevia fortified Xylitol has 2.5 calories per gram, a 60% reduction over sugar. Deeper calorie reductions are achieved by using half as much. Synergies with other sweeteners will further enhance flavor while driving down total sweetener usage levels, and ultimately, ingredient costs.

For spec sheets, documentation and samples of XeroSweet Plus call your Steviva Ingredients sales representative at 310-455-9876 or email info@steviva.com

Post time: Jul-19-2017
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