2016 New Style Organic Fresh royal jelly Factory in Jordan

2016 New Style
 Organic Fresh royal jelly Factory in Jordan

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[Products Name]  Fresh royal jelly, organic fresh royal jelly [Specification]  10-HDA 1.4%, 1.6%, 1.8%, 2.0%  HPLC [Gerneral feature] 1. Low antibiotics, Chloramphenicol< 0.1ppb 2.Organic certified by ECOCERT, according to EOS & NOP organic standard; 3.100% pure natural frozen fresh royal jelly 4.Can be easily produced into soft capsules. [Our advantages] 600 bee farmers, 150 units of bee-feeding groups located in natural mountains; Organic certificated by ECOCERT; NON-antibiotics, w...

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We insist on offering high quality production with good business concept, honest sales and the best and fast service. it will bring you not only the high quality product and huge profit, but the most significant is to occupy the endless market for 2016 New Style Organic Fresh royal jelly Factory in Jordan, We warmly welcome your participation based on mutual benefits in the near future.

[Products Name]  Fresh royal jelly, organic fresh royal jelly

[Specification]  10-HDA 1.4%, 1.6%, 1.8%, 2.0%  HPLC

[Gerneral feature]

1. Low antibiotics, Chloramphenicol< 0.1ppb

2.Organic certified by ECOCERT, according to EOS & NOP organic standard;

3.100% pure natural frozen fresh royal jelly

4.Can be easily produced into soft capsules.

Fresh royal jelly1

[Our advantages]

  1. 600 bee farmers, 150 units of bee-feeding groups located in natural mountains;
  2. Organic certificated by ECOCERT;
  3. NON-antibiotics, widely exported to Europe;
  4. Health Certificate, Sanitary Certificate and Quality Certificate are available.
  5. Fresh royal jelly2


1kg in plastic jar, with 10 jars per carton.

5kg in a aluminum foil  bag,  10kgs per carton.

Also we can pack as customer’s requirement.

Fresh royal jelly3 Fresh royal jelly4

If quantity ordered is low we can transport by air,

If above 4,000kg, by sea, one 20 foot refrigerated container.


Fresh royal jelly5
[What is royal jelly]
Fresh royal jelly is the concentrated super food responsible for turning an ordinary worker bee into a queen bee. The queen bee is 50% larger than a worker bee and lives for up to 4 to 5 years with worker bees living through only one season.
Fresh royal jelly, along with bee pollen, propolis and honey, contains a natural source of nutrients, which the body needs to maintain good health. Athletes and other people report increased stamina and general well being, after two weeks supplementing their diets.

Main indices of physical and chemic in fresh royal jelly

Ingredients Indices

Fresh royal jelly















Water-solubility protein












[Quality control]

Traceability record

GMP standard production

Advanced inspection equipment

Fresh royal jelly6

The benefits of Royal Jelly and other hive products are no longer treated as folk medicines. Royal jelly has been found to be helpful in the following areas:
1) Tones and strengthens skin
2) Relieves weak and tired eyes
3) Combats the aging process
4) Improves memory
5) Aiding restful sleep
6) Helps against impotence in men and infertility in women
7) It is an antibacterial and may help to prevent leukemia
8) Has a yeast-inhibiting function, preventing conditions such as
thrush and athlete’s foot
9) Contains the male testosterone, which may increase libido
10) Can help treat muscular dystrophy
11) Improves resistance to allergies
12) Controls cholesterol levels
13) Boosts the body’s resistance to the harmful side effects of
chemotherapy and radiotherapy
14) Helps treat skin problems, including eczema, psoriasis and acne
15) Combined with Pantothenic acid, royal jelly provides relief from
the symptoms of arthritis.

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    10 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Green Tea for Skin and Hair

    Initially, green tea was popular in China and used medicinally for centuries to treat everything from headaches to depression. Nowadays, people from different parts of the world consume green tea due to its numerous health benefits.
    Green tea has an impressive list of skin and hair care benefits. To enhance your beauty, you can use green tea in your beauty masks. Also, drink a few cups of this popular beverage daily.

    Here are the top 10 beauty benefits of green tea for skin and hair.
    1. Enhances Skin Complexion.

    Green tea enhances your skin composition and makes your skin solid. It flushes out poisons from the skin, recuperates imperfections and scars, and lessens aggravation. It even enhances the skin’s versatility.

    A recent report by the Medical College of Georgia demonstrated that green tea helps skin revival. It can be utilized to treat skin sicknesses and wounds.

    2. Decreases Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles.

    The cancer prevention agents and tannins (an astringent) in green tea regard puffy eyes and also dark circles. They contract veins underneath the sensitive skin around the eyes. This thusly diminishes swelling and puffiness.

    Also, the vitamin K in green tea helps dark circles under the eyes.

    3. Battles Aging Signs.

    Green tea has hostile to maturing and cancer prevention agent benefits that can defer indications of skin maturing, for example, hanging skin, sun harm, age spots, barely recognizable differences and wrinkles.

    The polyphenols in green tea kill destructive free radicals, which can bring about huge harm to the skin and quicken the maturing procedure.

    What’s more, it battles avoid skin malignancy.

    4. Treats Acne and Pimples.

    The catechins in green tea are antibacterial specialists that battle skin break out bringing about microscopic organisms. Catechins even manage hormonal awkward nature in the body, one of the key reasons for skin inflammation.

    A recent report distributed in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology reasoned that epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a part in green tea, treats skin break out by adjusting intracellular sub-atomic targets and repressing p. acnes microorganisms.

    5. Functions as a Skin Toner.

    This well known drink additionally functions as a characteristic toner for your skin. It draws out polluting influences, diminish vast pores and give your skin a decent sound shine. It even keeps your skin hydrated, which is fundamental for sound skin.

    Individuals with skin conditions, for example, psoriasis and rosacea, can likewise utilize this arrangement.

    6. Empowers Hair Growth.

    Green tea contains a high measure of cancer prevention agents that advance hair development. The catechins in it have 5-alpha-reductase repressing properties that piece DHT, one of the key reasons for male pattern baldness.

    It can even advance the development of new hair and forestall basic issues like dry scalp and dandruff.

    7. Ensures against Sun Damage.

    Green tea can even shield your skin from unsafe bright (UV) beams of the sun. The tannic corrosive, theobromine and polyphenols in green tea can mitigate and recuperate sunburned skin by killing the harm from presentation to UV beams.

    A recent report distributed in the Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications diary found that EGCG in green tea keeps a kind of skin tumor called melanoma by restraining qualities that enact irritation.

    8. Makes Hair Shiny.

    Alongside making your hair solid and sound, green tea makes your hair sparkly and loaded with life. Additionally, it shields your hair from harm because of contamination and brutal items.

    Additionally, the abnormal amounts of panthenol and vitamins E and C keep your hair adapted.

    9. Shrivels Open Pores.

    Because of its cancer prevention agent and astringent properties, green tea can recoil broadened pores that have a tendency to get stopped up and in the end get tainted with microorganisms. Consequently, it will smooth and fix your skin.

    10. Peels Skin.

    The slight unpleasant surface of dry green tea leaves peels your skin to dispose of dead skin cells, earth and different debasements.

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