Fast delivery for Epimedium Extract Manufacturer in Swiss

Fast delivery for Epimedium Extract Manufacturer in Swiss

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[Latin Name] Epimedium sagittatnm Maxim [Plant Source] Leaf [Specification] Icariin 10% 20% 40% 50% [Appearance] Light yellow fine powder Plant Part Used: Leaf [Particle size]80Mesh [Loss on drying] ≤5.0% [Heavy Metal] ≤10PPM [Pesticide residue] EC396-2005, USP 34, EP 8.0, FDA [Storage] Store in cool & dry area, keep away from the direct light and heat. [Shelf life] 24 Months [Package] Packed in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside. [Net weight] 25kgs/drum [What is Epimedium?] Epimedi...

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[Latin Name] Epimedium sagittatnm Maxim

[Plant Source] Leaf

[Specification] Icariin 10% 20% 40% 50%

[Appearance] Light yellow fine powder

Plant Part Used: Leaf

[Particle size]80Mesh

[Loss on drying] ≤5.0%

[Heavy Metal] ≤10PPM

[Pesticide residue] EC396-2005, USP 34, EP 8.0, FDA

[Storage] Store in cool & dry area, keep away from the direct light and heat.

[Shelf life] 24 Months

[Package] Packed in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside.

[Net weight] 25kgs/drum

Epimedium Extract2111122

[What is Epimedium?]

Epimedium extract is a popular aphrodisiac supplement and herbal sexual performance enhancer.It has a long history of traditional use in China for the alleviation of erectile dysfunction and for improving libido and fertility.

Also known as Horny Goat Weed, this supplement supposedly got its name after a farmer noticed that his flock of goats were particularly aroused after eating flowers of a specific type. These Epimedium flowers contain icariin, which is a natural compound that increases blood flow to sexual organs and promotes sex drive. Icariin has been found to increase Nitric Oxide synthesis as well as inhibiting the activity of the PDE-5 enzyme

Epimedium Extract222

[Icariin in Epimedium Extract]

Epimedium extracts powder contain an active phytochemical called icariin.Icariin has been observed to exhibit a number of useful traits, including renoprotective (liver protecting) hepatoprotective (kidney protecting), cardioprotective (heart protecting) and neuroprotective (brain protecting) effects.

It is also an antioxidant and can cause vasodilation. It exhibits antimicrobial characteristics and is thought to act as an aphrodisiac.

Icariin is classified as a flavonol glycoside, which is a type of flavonoid. Specifically, icariin is the 8-prenyl derivation of kaempferol 3,7-O-diglucoside, a prevalent and important flavonoid.


1. Combat mental and physical fatigue;

2. Induce vasodilation and improve circulation;

3. Lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients;

4. Improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) through its action as a PDE5  inhibitor;

5. Improve the use of free testosterone in the blood;

6. Increase libido;

7. Alleviate symptoms of depression and stimulate improved cognitive function;

8. Protect against neurological degeneration.

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    Nutrition Forest Pomegranate Extract 500mg

    Pomegranate, a juicy and toothsome fruit is cultivated in many areas which basically are available in winter season. Pomegranate, botanical name Punica Granatum, holds a compound called punicalagin which is expedient for anti-aging and skin lines, dullness. It also inhibits cardiovascular disease, supports normal blood pressure and help in reducing cholesterol.

    Pomegranate extract is a powerful antioxidant which is wholesome not only for keeping heart healthy but blood vessels also. According to the study pomegranate juice has been found three times antioxidants more than red wine and green tea.

    Pomegranate extract is extremely beneficial for skin problems. Pomegranate juice comprises of frolic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K and minerals like iron and potassium. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are essential for our radiant skin. These vitamins are benign in skin rejuvenation, removing dullness and dead skin, wrinkles, fine lines and scars. Iron removes paleness of skin and also assists to sharpen brain.

    Many cultures use pomegranate as a folk medicine. Pomegranate is native to Iran. It is primarily cultivated in Mediterranean counties, parts of the United States, Afghanistan, Russia, India, China, and Japan. You’ll see pomegranate in some royal and medical coats of arms.

    How does it work?

    Pomegranate contains a variety of chemicals that might have antioxidant effects. Some preliminary research suggests that chemicals in pomegranate juice might slow the progression of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and possibly fight cancer cells. But it is not known if pomegranate has these effects when people drink the juice.

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    Garlic is a powerful antioxidant with antimicrobial, antiviral and antibiotic properties.

    I have also found that it provides decongestant and expectorant effects when I have a cold.

    I am not a doctor, and none of garlic’s components have been isolated by science as the sole explanation for garlic’s flu-busting effects, but I have had good experience that garlic does a great job at preventing and remedying colds.

    I would have to say, that even if it is only psychosomatic, the vitamin C, enzymes, and minerals such as sulfur and selenium, definitely help my body.

    One of the great chemicals in garlic is a powerful antibacterial agent called Allicin. Since Allicin is only present shortly after garlic is crushed and before it is heated, Eating fresh garlic is best for treating a cold or flu. As I mention in the video some experts even recommend eating a clove or two every couple of hours until the bug is entirely gone.

    However, this may play havoc on your social schedule, and later in the video I share a tip to help that, but in today’s video I show how to make a cough syrup that makes the garlic a little easier to swallow.

    Basically all I did was to blend garlic with apple cider vinegar, strain, and bottle. In the video I also added some other ingredients for taste and to add to the tincture’s effectiveness.

    This is something that works well for me, and I believe garlic belongs in every prepper’s garden as it is a powerful anti-bacteria, as well as a much needed seasoning agent.

    I hope this works for you.

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